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If you are thinking about, have had, or are scheduled for bariatric (weight-loss) surgery – Gastric Bypass, Lap Band,Gastric Sleeve or Revision, you’ve found the UK’s number one website to support your new eating regime.

Founded by a cookery writer and bariatric patient, Carol Bowen Ball, we know just what you need and have the answers to nourish, feed and inspire you.

It is essential that bariatric patients follow strict guidelines concerning protein, fat, sugar and overall calories for weight-loss success; and also to adhere to the 3 stages of eating from straight after surgery through to eating for life. bariatriccookery.com follows these recommendations and turns them into mouth-watering dishes and menus for all occasions.

All featured recipes are bariatric-friendly and have great nutrition but also have personality and soul. They’re what we call a dose of culinary medicine …


The website is a RESOURCE for all you need to know pre- and post-op, written by experts and authorities on WEIGHT-LOSS SURGERY (WLS).


The Recipes

The recipes on the website help at every stage after WLS and they are coded to suit the 3 main stages afterwards – the red Fluids Stage; the Amber Soft/Puréed Stage; and the 3rd Green ‘Eating For Life’ Stage. Each recipe has a nutritional analysis of calories, protein, carbohydrate and fat levels. Recipes are also further coded for suitability for freezing and vegetarian eating. Guidelines are also supplied for portion sizes and assume you will eat with family and friends so normal and WLS portion sizes are both given and recommended.


The Lifestyle Advice

A new bariatric lifestyle however isn’t just about food – it is also about exercise, changes in behaviour and relationships, adhering to the essential medications; coping with unsettling situations than can derail the best of intentions; dealing with social situations like eating out; finding new ideas for a changing body through fashion and beauty advice; and making new healthier habits to replace old destructive ones. The website covers these too.


The Surgery

The website also covers the types of surgery on offer for those who want to know more so that they and their bariatric team can make the best informed choice from the selection available. Family and friends may also find them useful in explaining the differences in the surgery and also give tips on how to support loved ones with their decision making. It also looks at the pre-op and post-op diets that are required pre-op and post-op for the qualification process and for long-term success.


The On-Line Shop

The on-line shop no longer carries any of our previous portion-control items but there is still the option to download for instant use the ‘Return to Slender’ books as pdfs. 


Social Media

Most social media linked with the website has now been closed but Carol’s Instagram account which from time to time covers her eating ‘adventures’ and choices (plus other occasions of joy post-op) as a bariatric veteran can be found using the @returntoslenderofficial handle (click here to link to it). Facebook pages (in some instances) are linked to it too, but not all. This may mean you have to adjust your settings if you wish to still follow.



The website is no longer monitored on a daily basis but comments will be checked weekly. The website is now intended as a resource so no new content will be added. 



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