Weekly Workouts


  • 8/8 Elevated Pistols @ 2×5
  • 16 KB Sumo Squat Jump @ 25Number
  • 20 Alternating Toe Touch Side Lunges @ 10#

3 rounds of –

  • 5/5 Rolling Pistol into Lunge with Twist
  • 10/10 Banded Glute Kickbacks
  • 20 Squat to Knee Drive and Twist

Now let’s talk since they were right fire!! It’s s a rest day for me today because I’m sore. Hope you love these workouts!
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My body wasn ’ t actually, after competing in CrossFit. I was dealing with hip issues and no matter what I did, it would feel once I did some sort of heavy squats aggravated. I discovered that my hips were feeling a little wider like I wished to, and that I wasn ’ t fitting. Even if it turned out to be a lightweight work out with simply wall balls and a 14# basketball, I found myself leaving CrossFit feeling like I’d blocks for thighs. In concept, you’d think that 150-200 wall balls would cause leg form and definition (also it will for some people), however for me personally it only resulted in achy hips, tight legs and cubes for thighs. And I didn’t feel happy comfortable anymore.

  • 8/8 Weighted Side Lunge into Curtsy Lunge @ 25Number
  • 8/8 Floating Lunges
  • 20 Banded Rocket Jumps


  • 20 Total Weighted Jumping Lunges @ 2×10Number
  • 10 Banded Knee Tuck to Mountain Climber
  • 20 Total Alternating Half Kneel to Knee Drive
  • Front Squats (155/105) – I’d UFC squats w/ 25# KB instead of front squats
  • Lateral Burpees Over Tavern

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Thursday – Break Day
Then ab exercise after – see movements here

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But I m definitely going to speak much more about this in my podcast. I’m not speaking poorly about CrossFit. CrossFit has provided me EVERYTHING and taught me along the way, I just have to find a new equilibrium that is suitable for me body and my goals. I’m definitely excited to share my experience and progress on the podcast this Saturday!
3 rounds of:
Sunday – Boxing Class during Class Pass
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Saturday – Workout by Myself — see workout here
Wednesday – Workout by Myself — visit exercise here

  • 10 Hip Thrusts @ 85# to 10/10 Single Leg Plyo Hip Thrusts
  • 10/10 Side Duck Walks with Unilateral KB Rack @ 25Number
  • 15 Double Kettlebell Squat Swings @ two ×15#

Monday – workout by Myself — visit exercise here
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I decided to try out something new. I decided to stick with light weight in my workouts and actually concentrate to improve my strength on the side separately. With the support of all Apollo Soft Tissue continually working on my hips and ankles at the moment rather than performing over 60 repetitions or 25#, I’ve discovered that my buttocks are almost to a point of no pain and my thighs have taken on greater definition and shape. For me personally, it’s been nearly 9 decades of doing CrossFit and tweaking my workouts and I’m at an age at which I personally need more rest and I can’t always get that from CrossFit. I would like a upper body , a lower body day, etc.. I can’t do everything in one day and expect to have the ability to recover from another and do it all over again.

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4 rounds of:

  • 8 Chameleons
  • 10/10 Landmine Press using 10# plate
  • 12 Forward Bounce to Reverse Bear Crawls
  • 14 Total Alternating Landmine Rotations
  • 18 Total Allergic Down Dog into Knee Drive

3 rounds of –

  • 30 glute bridges
  • 15/15 donkey yells
  • 30 frog pumps
  • 15/15 fire hydrants
  • 30 curved back 45 level hypers
  • 15/15 clam shells

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2 rounds of:

  • 8 Band Assisted Pull Ups
  • 10/10 Kettlebell Pull Throughs @ 15Number
  • 12 Total Alternating Iguana Push Ups
  • 15 sec Hands Down Quick Feet
  • 18 Kneeling Dual Dumbbell Press @ 2×10#


  • 10 Russian Twist Stacks
  • 30 Complete Up and Overs
  • 30 Complete Plank Side to Side Stackers

I got through around 15 + 7 reps
Buttocks burner after – 1 round of:
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Then to complete (not in video), 1 round –

  • 30 glute bridges
  • 15/15 donkey yells
  • 30 frog pumps
  • 15/15 fire hydrants
  • 15/15 clam shells

Subsequently 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps For Time: (10 min cover )

I mentioned on instagram final week that I’ve ceased doing some squats over 25pounds and I’ve also stopped doing excessive amount of reps that are commonly found in CrossFit workouts, and so that I wanted to chat just a small bit about that decision here. I m going this week to do an whole podcast episode about , so I’m only going to touch on it in this post. Prior to the year began, I looked back in 2018 and I wasnthe consequences I experienced or ’ t. And I needed to find out why. I personally LOVE CrossFit. It’s given me so much. However, I wasn’t sense the exact same manner in 2018 and it all came down to the results I personally wanted to see (and believe ).
Deadlift: 4 x 5 reps, all collections at 83 percent (15 mins) – I used 165#

  • 8/8 KB Snatch to UFC Squat with KB overhead to Windmill @ 15#
  • 20 Lunge Stance Rotational Chops
  • 30 Sprint Start bounce Backs

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Friday – Yoga Sculpt Class at Core Power Yoga through Class Pass

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