The Quarantine Meal Plan

Welcome to the temporary new “Normal”.  We have worked so hard to get to where we are reaching for our goals, and now this happens.  Finding food may be difficult and your routine is totally off.  It is OK.  We will get through this and we will be OK.  Our routines may be different, but there are many healthy choices we can still make.  We still can be in control.  Here are some tips on how to navigate this quarantine safely and still be in charge of you and your food 먼데이키즈 사랑 다운로드.

  • You won’t be perfect during this stressful quarantine time. That is OK.  We have to stay healthy and get through this the best we can 정도전 드라마.
  • Take this “home time” as a challenge to work on you. Spring clean your life now.  Do things in your home that have been put on the back burner.  Clean out drawers and rooms that have been neglected.  Do a home project you haven’t had time for in your hectic life.  Take a walk with your children and talk.  Sit outside with your loved one or friend observing safe social distancing and enjoy the nighttime sky.  Become an observer of your world.  You will never have this extra home time again.  Put it to good use msvcp120d.dll 다운로드.
  • Take a tour of your pantry. Many of us grabbed food quickly and are not even sure of what we have to cook with.  Take a marker and write the date on your canned foods.  All canned foods generally are good for one year.  Organize your pantry so you know which foods will expire first.  Discard any expired foods and spices.  Remember to rinse those canned vegetables a few times with cold water before cooking them children’s books!
  • You can still plan and prep. In fact, now is the perfect time to cook and freeze meals.  Not sure what to cook with what ingredients you have?  No problem.  Try Just input what foods you do have, and the website will give you recipes to utilize them the best 리눅스 gcc 다운로드.
  • Survey your freezer. Frozen foods that look close to freezer burn cook in the next few days.  Prioritize which foods need to be eaten first Download Rockstar Social Club.   Organize your freezer so meats, vegetables, and other food types are easy to see.
  • Purchase low sodium foods whenever possible. Use dried herbs to flavor your foods instead of salt Download Getty Images.
  • Beans and legumes. Stock up on lentils, chickpeas red, white or black beans, either canned or dried.  They are excellent choices for plant-based protein that are low in fat, cholesterol-free and can last a long time in your cabinets 이모티콘.
  • Maintain a routine. It may be a new routine, but still, make your day timely.  Meals should be evenly spaced apart, with time for mental health (meditation, relaxation, reading, virtual socializing, Zoom with family etc).  Moving and exercise.  Try one of our VHP exercises or Google home exercise and make sure it is part of your day.  There are excellent stretching, low impact cardio, core, and strengthening videos online.  Work a different body part each day 포트나이트 모바일!
  • Sleep well. It may be easier said than done in this stressful time filled with worry.  Don’t forget your “sleep routine”.  Power down an hour before bed.  Do something relaxing and try to go to sleep around the same time each night.  Wake up around the same time daily, and consume breakfast within an hour of waking.  Start your day with good energy and hope Indonesian dictionary.
  • Remember this is temporary. This will end.  Get through this quarantine in control of your eating with your daily routine intact and nothing can stop you! You will be Ok!

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