Quarter 2 Update: Homeschool Year 2018-19


It’s tough to think that we’re already finished with all our 2018-19 school year. I am proud of my girls to their hard work this year. I talk about any modifications we made to our curriculum and then will give you a run down of how everything is moving. Please post them below if you have any additional questions and I will do my best to answer .

I have twin girls who are only 8 weeks old, therefore our college program has looked much different this year. save our read aloud period for if the twins are alert and I attempt to get the majority of my girls courses. I am learning to be flexible, because things go exactly as I’ve planned and other days things are disorderly and busy. When Jon’s gone for days on end, I am learning to be gracious together if I’m feeling psychological or overwhelmed, and have a rest.

To be entirely honest, residing in Hong Kong has become the hardest thing God has asked me to perform and feelings of homesickness, sadness, loneliness, and regret occur occasionally when I least expect it. Instead of forcing my girls to do school with a Mommy who is crying at the drop of a hat along with an general roller coaster of feelings, we carry off.

You noticed we right.

I put everything away and just take a rest if it’s needed. We can not do so everyday, but once I get overwhelmed so I could spend some time in God’s word, Facetime my Mom, I am learning to graciously take a rest from our regular school schedule, or join with old pals.

A word of encouragement: 
to anybody who has ever felt as though I’ve, you are not alone. So take time to step back from of your duties, god would like to understand how you are feeling and earn time to put out your heart and soul before Him. When everything looks hopeless, he will be present to bring peace in the insanity and expect. 

One of the greatest changes I have made into our homeschool curriculum is we’re now utilizing The Good and the gorgeous Language Arts Level 1 for Olivia. She began the year utilizing Sonlight’s language arts curriculum and it had been fine. However I have pieced together our language arts program using a great deal of curriculums. I felt as though there were openings in my daughter’s awareness about language arts. Consequently, I started searching for a program that was cohesive. I have been thinking about utilizing The Beautiful for a long time and this past year I finally took the plunge! It’s exactly what I needed for my family!! I’m excited for my daughter as she learns to appreciate beautiful art that’s all weaved into the app. I am thankful that this change has been made by us and I’m eager this year to add greater The Good and the program for our homeschool.

Like I said before, in case you’ve any other queries, please post them in the comments below and I will answer them.

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