New Weight Watchers Changes 2020

New 2020 Weight Watcher Changes

Have you heard the rumors going and the latest gossip about WW lately?! WW is changing its program AGAIN in 2020. That doesn’t surprise me anymore since I’ve been with WW since 2011 when it was their Points Plus program. 

Please note that the information in this post are just rumors or speculations on what is going to happen with the WW program in 2020. I do not work for WW, I am just a member who likes to create articles or recipes related to their program. 

For those of you that Follow WW which I have been for a long time now, we all know that every 3 or 5 years it seems like they change their plans a little. I first started WW back when it was Points Plus, and I want to say that was around the year 2011, 2012. 

I still have Points Plus calculated on this blog along with WW Freestyle Points. For those of you wondering when the program changes to having options soon, I will just be figuring out Freestyle points for my recipes going forward. It’s takes me enough time already figuring out nutrition info and Freestyle Points for my recipes and I don’t need a new one to add on to my list of stuff to add to all my 1300+ recipes. There will however be nutrition info posted for those of you that will follow the Green plan (Smart Points) so that you can figure out points still.

Is Weight Watchers Changing their program in 2020?

Don’t freak out or anything. There will be no new ways to calculate the points for food or recipes. Hurray! That was one thing I was worried about because then that means I’d have to go and update 1300 + recipes on my blog with new points.

Instead, you will have options now! There will be 3 programs to choose from Weight Watchers Freestyle (current), Beyond the Scale (plan before Freestyle where lean protein had points), and Simply Filling. They will each be assigned a color. 

Green – 100 Zero Point Foods List 30 SP minimum daily points 

Blue – 200 Zeropoint Foods list 23 SP minimum per day 

Purple – 300 Zero Point Food List 16 SP per day 

All of these plans include weekly and fit points. 

YouTube Videos with News for 2020 Program Changes. 

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Zero-point foods have calories too….

Like I mentioned above I will be sticking with the current plan (Freestyle). I do not have issues with all the zero point food options. I think with the way there will be more plan options to choose from there won’t be so many people being confused about the zero point foods having calories issue. If you are still struggling with this then Smart Points would be a better option for you and hold you more accountable for tracking lean protein foods.

I have never done Simply filling before but from my understanding is that this plan is all about eating more healthy foods from the Zero Point list until you you feel full and satisfied.

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