Moving to Floriday. But first….

While I am buzzing through a few recipes here and some info for rebuilding my desktop on Atkins, I’ll drop some advice on what has been happening with my world!

. . .there’s so much to do!

Sending light and peace to everyone now!

My husband and I sold our home last fall, moved right into a 26ft trailer, also paid off a whole lot of debt so we can proceed from Idaho to Florida in June. And then my husband began talking to his father in Alabama and sister in Florida, one thing lead to another, and I turned in my resignation in my teaching position sooner than planned to leave at Spring Break–that is 5 months from now. I am working on balancing and focus on my objectives. . .and reminding myself that weight loss isn’t linear regardless of what I do in everyday life. Just as long as I concentrate on consistency as my shake I know I can reach my targets!
While looking for lowcarb/keto/atkins recipes, I bunny trailed my way to this site . I believed, the world is either messing with me I need to really dig my heels down into Atkins and begin refocusing on what’s important for my entire body –exactly that which I KNOW is true and real.

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