Missing Your Barista? Then Try This Ice-olation Coffee!

I know many WLS patients are coffee lovers and whether this be a cappuccino, latte, americano or any number of frothy concoctions, they would seriously miss their fix! I hover around my coffee machine at most times of the day and have happily become my own barista during the lock-down.

Now that the weather is turning warmer I am also making myself an iced coffee to enjoy in the garden (or even perched on the doorstep). I make myself a simple home-made one that tastes rich but is also refreshing. You can use your own favourite coffee and serve it just as liked – black, with a dash of milk, or even with a swirl of indulgent cream for a real treat if liked. The recipe below makes one glass but you can increase the quantities to serve more. 

I have given a recipe using instant coffee (type according to what you like) – I often for speed use instant granules (and love a hazelnut variation) but have also made using freshly brewed coffee from a cafetiere, from a machine or using a filter too. Simply use 200 ml/about ¾ cup or 7 fl oz of the brewed coffee and chill as suggested below. 

Adding sugar or sweetener (of all types) is entirely up to you and your tolerances. I use just a tiny sprinkle of granulated artificial sweetener to mine just to even out any bitterness, but the amount does depend upon the strength of the coffee I use. 

If you wish to make ahead then make prepare and chill in the refrigerator overnight – great if you want to grab and go in the morning. I often add a scoop of my protein powder to this for a wake-up iced coffee cup (boosts the protein appreciably)!





2 tsp instant coffee granules (or see other types of coffee suggested above in the the intro)

sugar or artificial sweetener as liked 

3 tbsp milk (type according to taste or omit if black required)

2-3 tbsp single cream, (optional)

ice cubes to serve



  1.  Add the instant coffee and sugar or sweetener to a jug and pour over 200 ml/¾ cup/7 fl oz just boiled water and stir to mix well. Alternatively prepare the same quantity of freshly brewed coffee. Allow to cool to room temperature then chill in the refrigerator for about 1 hour or until ready to serve.
  2.  To serve, fill a glass with ice and pour over the chilled coffee. Serve black without further additions; add milk for a latte-style variation; or, for a rich and creamy finish, omit the milk and swirl through the single cream instead. Serve at once.



V suitable for Vegetarians


CALORIES PER PORTION (black with granular sweetener/with instant coffee, milk and granular sweetener/with instant coffee, granular sweetener and cream): 6.7 g/28.6 g/63.1 g

PROTEIN: 0.3 g/1.9 g/1.1 g

CARBOHYDRATE: 1.3 g/3.6 g/2.5 g (with 0.3 g/2.6 g/1.5 g sugars)

FAT: 0 g/0.8 g/5.4 g


Image courtesy of http://www.tesco.com



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