March 19th, 2020 A Not Good Call

March 19th, 2020 A Not Good Call

Since our last edition: I’ve maintained the integrity of my food plan boundaries, I’ve remained refined sugar-free, I’ve met or exceeded my daily water goal, and I’ve stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Sometimes, when my phone rings and mom’s nursing home shows as the caller, it’s routine. A change in medicine, a new doctor’s appointment, or maybe it’s because she’s going on or off skilled care–it’s not always something bad. Then there are the times when it wasn’t good at all; mom fell, or a test came back positive for a UTI, or mom’s condition warrants a hospital trip, immediately. Yesterday’s “not good” call topped them all. The director of nursing was calling to inform me that COVID-19 had made its way into the nursing home. One resident tested positive and was moved to the hospital and another was awaiting test results. I was told mom didn’t have direct contact with either of these residents. Still, knowing what we know about how this spreads, it was alarming.

The governor of our state made an announcement and state health officials cited mom’s nursing home for taking extraordinary measures for the protection of all their residents. I’m in total agreement. Their response has shown the best they can do under extreme circumstances. Mom is getting the best care possible at this time–and I hope and pray she remains symptom and virus free through this period. With mom’s pre-existing respiratory issues, she’s the most vulnerable anyone can be at this point.

Please include my mom, the other residents, and the staff of Ponca Nursing and Rehab in your prayers.

Mom has once again developed a considerable amount of confusion over the past 72 hours. Past experience suggests it’s one of two things, elevated Co2 levels in her lungs or another UTI. The nursing staff has assured me they will conduct a urine analysis to check for the UTI.

In the meantime, mom and I talk on the phone a lot. The video call yesterday morning didn’t work out. The administrator assured me she would personally handle the video call later this morning. Mom was super-excited about this. I’m looking forward to seeing and talking with her.

Several readers and friends have suggested going to her window. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Her window faces an outdoor courtyard that is only accessible by entering the building–and of course, that’s not possible.

Again, any prayers you could offer is greatly appreciated.

I’m taking care of me the best I can. The emotional unrest is powerful–so now, more than ever, if I’m to get through this period without completely losing myself into the grips of food addiction/compulsive overeating, I must continue being diligent with all aspects of my daily practice.

I’ve completed my morning spiritual, mental, and emotional foundational routine. My food is planned and ready for today, and I’m committed to staying connected with support contacts “in the same lifeboat.”

Thank you for reading. Take care of you and yours–and please, heed the warnings and take the precautions necessary to help suppress the spread of this horrible virus.

I’m headed to the studio for my radio show. We have suspended in-studio guests. We also have a plan in place for broadcasting remotely from home if the situation demands.





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