‘Many Good Things’ Rolls: The Bariatric Lunchbox Club Meal Idea 5

You and I both may know these wraps as ‘Summer Rolls’ but I think that does them a disservice since they can be eaten all year round – I prefer to call them ‘Many Good Things’ Rolls since they are stuffed with so many great foods that bring nutrients and flavour to the lunchbox on lunch plate.

I like to give them a bit of a Vietnamese type spin by filling with crunchy vegetables, a generous quantity of prawns/shrimp, a few rice noodles, shredded mint and coriander/cilantro leaves then serve with either a rich hoisin-style or sweet chilli dressing for dipping. 

You can use a spring roll kit to make this lunchbox delight or just use the constituents below for a sensational spin on your bariatric lunchbox. And of course if you don’t like spring roll or can’t locate spring roll wrappers then use large lettuce leaves.

As per usual, the serving size is for 1 normal portion – which often is about half of a WLS one – but this will depend upon your appetite, how far out of surgery you are and whether you’re still losing weight or in maintenance mode.

Mine above shows a generous half portion because I am a long term post-op in maintenance so adjust according to your needs. It has been served with some sweet chilli dressing and a piece/portion of my Oaty & Raspberry Crunch Squares (see recipe here). 





about 50 g/2 oz (generous 1 cup) shredded crisp vegetables (lettuce, carrot, red pepper/capsicum, beansprouts etc to taste)

2 tbsp shredded mint and coriander/cilantro leaves

6 cooked tiger prawns/shrimp, halved

2 tbsp cooked rice or cellophane noodles

2 spring roll wrappers/pancakes

2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce



  1.  Mix the vegetables with the herbs, prawns and noodles.
  2.  Soften the spring roll wrappers, one by one, for about 20 seconds in hot water. Divide the prawn/shrimp mixture between them, then roll up folding in the ends to secure and enclose. Slice in half or thirds if liked for packing and eating if liked.
  3.  Pack in a lunchbox and place the sauce in a sauce pot or small individual container for dipping.
  4.  Serve with a little fresh fruit as a sweet ending or pack with a piece of Oaty & Raspberry Crunch Squares (see recipe here).





CALORIES PER PORTION (with/without Raspberry & Oaty Crunch Squares) : 361/251

PROTEIN: 29.3 /25.8 g

CARBOHYDRATE: 53.1/31.2 g

FAT: 5.2/2.7 g



Recipe and Image © copyright of Bariatric Cookery (UK) Ltd


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