Low Carb USA 2019 recap part 1- Fat: A Documentary preview!


Low Carb USA 2019, recap part 1

FAT: A Documentary Preview night. at Low Carb USA San Diego! 
Here’s the story and one of my favorite parts of the conference was :

Watching those in the movie , watch themselves in the preview. SO RICH.

If I had this movie and the No Sugars No Grains tool, I wouldn’t have been 70+ 
pounds overweight, living in active food addiction for so long.

HEY! No would have, could have, should have. Eating saturated fat has saved my life
by having less processed food and more meat and vegetables. Saying #yes2meat helps a lot.

Thank you Vinnie, Serena, Peter Pardini, and all the subject matter experts listed in the film.
You are saving lives and I will never forget the outfits you wore that day and the
help you’ve provided to the sickest patients. Forever grateful for those who will soon
join me in the next year or two on long term weight maintenance island.

Vinnie Tortorich speaking at Low Carb USA San Diego 2019

The gift that gives.

How to see the film:
Order on Amazon, Vimeo, or iTunes: Link to Amazon here

Favor to ask my readers, if you watch this movie, comment below. Thanks!!!

Also give it the highest ratings on Amazon, IMBd, iTunes, Vimeo and any place
it’s released. Thank you!!!  If you don’t like it, that’s okay, don’t review it. Thanks!
Onward and please test, don’t guess your glucose, hs-CRP, triglycerides, insulin.
Measure and you can manage. I use natural fat to manage binge urges. My binge urges are
almost totally gone. I remain in long term food addiction remission. 

More photos from pre-view night at Low Carb USA San Diego (use this link to attend Low Carb USA SD 2020) not a sponsored link https://www.lowcarbusa.org/low-carb-events/sd-2020/ Thank you to Doug and Pam for getting Vinnie on stage and the movie preview.

Outtakes from July 25, 2019

Me escorting Vinnie to get miked up at Low Carb USA 2019

Dave Feldman watching himself in Fat: A Documentary

Gary Fettke, Jill Rieder, and Belinda Fettke at Low Carb USA San Diego 2019
I wore a little black dress to the movie premier!! 
7.5 years in long term Weight Maintenance, NSNG, LCHF , #yes2meat

7.5 years in long term weight maintenance NSNG #yest2meat LCHF
Serena  Scott-Thomas and Vinnie Tortorich

Vinnie, Peter Ballerstedt, and Dave Feldman

Pam Devine and Doug Reynolds- Conference Owners Low Carb USA

Not pictured but at the preview was Brett Scher MD- The Low Carb Cardiologist, Gary Taubes, Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

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