Leaving Hong Kong


Sorry I’ve been a little quiet recently, it’s been a crazy few months. Due to some complications with my husband’s job, my family was forced to move from Hong Kong, back to the United States. You heard me right, we’ve moved back to the United States. Honestly, it seems too soon for us to be coming home. The whole time I was in Hong Kong packing up our stuff, I just kept thinking,

“I’m not ready. I’m not ready to go.”

However, less than one year ago, I was thinking the same thing as we prepared to move to Hong Kong,

“I’m just not ready.” 

My how the tables have turned. God sure did a miraculous work in our hearts in a very short time.

With reluctant hearts, on Friday, June 21st, we woke up very early in the morning and made our way to the airport. Everything felt so surreal. How could we already be leaving Hong Kong? Nevertheless, we go into our Uber and headed to Hong Kong International Airport. Our friends met us at the airport and helped with our luggage as we checked in for our flight. These men even prayed for us, before leaving. We already miss them so much!!

Our initial flights took us from Hong Kong to Beijing, China to Houston, Texas. We stayed in Houston for a few days with some close friends. Then, we flew from Houston, Texas to Portland, Oregon. Where we spent time with family and friends before my brother’s wedding at the end of June.

We’re currently living at my other brother’s house where will we live for the next several months. At first, it was a very hard transition for all of us. However, the girls finally seemed settled and are doing so much better. Additionally, I’ve been working on homeschool with the big girls, to make the most of our time here.

What’s Next?
My husband’s spent the past few months looking for a new job. He’s has traveled all over the country for interviews and meetings trying to determine what the best job would be for him at this time. After much prayer and deliberation, he has decided to fly for a regional airline. After my husband completes his training, our entire family will move to Colorado to be closer to our family and friends. We are excited for how God is going to work in our lives throughout this new adventure.

Please Pray

  • Praise God for His provision, poured out through our family and friends during this time. 
  • Praise for Jon’s new job. 
  • Pray for our girls during this time of transition.
  • Pray for Jon to pass all of his training.
  • Pray for Hong Kong during this time of tension and division. Protection for our friends who still live in Hong Kong and for The Bridge Church to be a force for peace and love during this time.

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