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February 23rd, 2019 Learned Something

Yesterday was a 4-star day: I kept that the integrity of my calorie budget, so I remained elegant sugar-free, I surpassed my everyday water goal by double, and that I remained well connected with exceptional support.

I texted my main support touch yesterday with an intriguing dynamic. I didn’t want to eat. Ordinarily, toward the meals, my natural inclination is under nervousness and strain, and it wasn’t yesterday. First of all, the standup gig last night worked out. Like any comic, I’m super-self crucial –only remembering the bits that didn’t land. Nevertheless, it was a marathon place not a set that is true and shiny tried. Anyway–back into the not eating thing… The best I could figure is, yes, I had been worried and super-anxious, nevertheless –I had a focused mission to prepare. The certainty I searched for was coming out of what I could do as far as prepping for the show, not even an illusion of certainty or temporary recreation. I heard something!

I am in front of a bunch again tonight in the Oklahoma Big Brothers/Big Sisters Banquet within my hometown. This time, it is not standup, it’s simply sharing my own story and childhood experience using their awesome mentoring program. I’m super-honored that they’ve asked me to speak at their event! Clarke, my brother, will be proud!

I will be led into the RecPlex for a fantastic work out this day. It will be my third of all the week. One shy of the weekly goal that is four sessions. I’ll look at this, make some adjustments, and allow it to happen. I feel better when I do, believe me!

I have time to do this afternoon for the radio station, but that shouldn’t take too long.

My morning foundation routine was filled with gratitude this morning. I’ve a fantastic food plan for today, a great support plan, along with a feeling of peace and calm. I am ready for a great Saturday and set.

Some pics from last night:

Kristin laughed much
even once I place her in a few bits!
Hangin’ with Kelleen, Susan,
and Kristin!  She’s often very busy–
and I wasn’t expecting it! It was a deal with
I love you, Amber!!

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Thank you for reading along with your continuing service,
Exercise, peace, and calm,

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