LATEST! The Bariatric Bible – New WLS Book Has Arrived!


It’s been a momentous and exciting week here – first the birth of a new grandchild and now the arrival of my new bariatric book ‘The Bariatric Bible’.

It’s seems like I have been waiting forever for this new ‘baby’ but here it is (a little earlier than expected). And I am thrilled with it!

My publishers, Grub Street, have ensured it looks every bit as good as I hoped it would and the food pics deliver exactly what I wanted you to see about eating after WLS – it’s healthy, nutritious but moreover the food tastes and looks great!

But it’s not just a cookery or recipe book, it’s far more than that – it’s essentially the culmination of everything I have learnt over the last 10 years since I started to explore bariatric surgery as an option to beat my own obesity. I could rant on about everything it covers but hope the book information below gives you a flavour of that.

It’s wasn’t due to be released until the end of April but arrived in the country late last week and has been snapped up by some outlets and already on sale. There are details below as to where you can find it to pre-order (and I expect that delivery date to be brought forward) and buy NOW online. I shall add to the list as and when more information comes in.

We won’t be offering the book on our website as a stand-alone product to buy but will include it in some of our combo deals on the shopping page. We have already included it in our new Total Bariatric Care Basics Box (click here for details).

Total Bariatric Care Basics Box (click here for details).

In between time, why not scroll down and check out a few sample page spreads to get a flavour of the book. Hope you like it!



After Carol Bowen Ball underwent bariatric surgery she found there was very little practical information for WLS patients and as a result she wrote the first (and to date only) UK bariatric advice and cookery book – ‘Return to Slender’. At the same time she launched a website to support the same patients. A year later she wrote a sequel ‘Return 2 Slender … Second Helpings’. Both books have been widely praised by the professional bariatric community as well as pre-op and post-op patients. She now has written her 3rd book ‘The Bariatric Bible’.
The recipes in The Bariatric Bible are designed and developed to help at every stage after WLS. They are colour-coded to suit the 3 main stages afterwards. These are: The Red or 1st Fluids Stage, The Amber or 2nd Soft/Puréed Stage, The Green or 3rd Eating for Life Stage. They all have a nutritional analysis breakdown. This includes measured calories, protein, carbohydrate and fat levels. Recipes are also further coded for suitability for freezing and for vegetarian eating.
A new bariatric lifestyle however isn’t just about food – it is also about exercise, changes in behaviour and relationships, adhering to essential medications; coping with unsettling situations that can de-rail the best of intentions, dealing with social situations like eating out; finding new ideas for a changing body through fashion and beauty advice; and making new healthier habits to replace old destructive ones. As a result the book is the most comprehensive one of any currently on the market.
The book covers the types of surgery on offer for those who want to know more so that they (along with their bariatric team) can make the best choice from the selection available. It also looks at and advises on the many pre-op diets that are required prior to surgery – sometimes to lose weight as part of the qualification process and also as the liver-reducing diet prior to surgery itself for safe intervention. However, it mainly focuses on advice and recipes for after surgery to help the post-op patient maximise their best chance of long-term success with weight-loss and better health.

ALL READY IN STOCK FROM: click here click here click here click here click here


PRE-ORDER FROM (may be released sooner than publication date given):  click here 







ALL READY IN STOCK FROM: click here click here click here click here click here


PRE-ORDER FROM (may be released sooner than publication date given):  click here 

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