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QUESTION: If you’re on Keto, some tips?

The challenges of Keto were going to be 1) Giving up fruit– I really like fruit…ย  two ) Finding the hidden sugars that are IN EVERYTHING and … 3) Giving my coffee creamer.
What was hard, was processed foods — EVERY processed foods – has sugar in it. So simple things like salad dressing, even if it’s only a simple vinaigrette, you look at the ingredients and it has sugar. Same with our preferred blue cheese dressingtable. So aggravating! YAY! So I can use that and Michael will make a Caesar dressing to individuals to use (he makes a great one) and I make a fairly good mustard vinaigrette). The drawback to homemade dressing is it doesn’t stay long. Oh well.
I wished to give a diet update.

–along with the homemade sourdough I made). And beginning Friday! Keto!

I went into the grocery shop and looked at the different creamers on the market. The Almond milk creamer appeared great but it’d sugar cane. The Coconut Creamer, which I’ve attempted before and is delicious, also had sugar in it. I then discovered this one:
And Needless to Say, the bone broth:

Another obstacle to this Keto diet will be variety rather than becoming sick of eating cheese and meat. I’m operating on different menus and meal plans for variety. We got this black bean pasta in New Seasons that’s supposedly Keto-friendly? (I’m not really certain how since beans aren’t allowed? I’m still exploring …) We anticipate getting this particular pasta with pesto not marinara (that isn’t keto friendly, boo).

As for the food component of the Keto Diet… I did some research and used the Diet Doctor website along with their Instagram feed for ideas and recipes and meal programs. I made a list and frankly it wasn’t far off from what we already eat on a normal basis. We only had to discontinue eatings things like sweet potatoes, legumes, etc..

I have done a “low-ish carbohydrate ” diet a couple of times per year and the year ahead and lost 10 lbs or so and was 9 pounds out of my weight. Honestly, I wasn’t a enormous fan of the low carb diet. I felt like crap the majority of the time. While I wasn’t automatically hungry, I just felt as though I’d low energy a great deal and once I exercised I felt like crap. I believed it when I conducted. I discovered I could only do the low-carb diet thing for approximately 4 months or so at some time after which I’d need to take a rest since it caused me to feel crappy.

Well, I made a decision to give Keto a try. I’ve been hearing about it for a couple of decades now and it looks like MAYBE it’s better than a low-carb diet? Maybe?? I would like ’t know. All I know is that after gaining back all the weight I lost (along with a couple of extra) about the prozac last year, I had to do something and just doing everything I did before to eliminate weight wasn’t functioning.

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