Keto & Mindful Eating

Before I began Keto, I had been struggling. After having Logan my body was out of whack. Childbirth, childbirth, age, metabolism, and lack of sleep, and it all …it contributed to no weight loss. Add in medications that triggered some weight gain and I was right back to where I began when I’d Logan. I had been feeling quite disappointed and depressed. I was stressed out and disappointed which NOTHING worked. Regardless of what I did I didn’t see much of a change on the scale. I kept gaining and losing the same 3 or so pounds.

The diet is going well so far. I’m losing fat, slow and stable. I’m averaging a reduction of approximately .8-1.2 pounds weekly and if it’s no huge reduction each week like a lot of the keto websites and bloggers assert (I believe as they promise big losses to market their meal plans possibly?) I’m still dropping and I am satisfied with this. I understood going in it would probably be a slow process. As soon as I lost weight initially, this is a pretty slow procedure.
When I am planning my meals and food to the day I concentrate to the macros and when I look at nutrients on food labelsI look at carb count , and sometimes I don’t even look at the calorie count! SO weird! Especially for me personally!
Instead, I’m focusing on macros and net carbs/fat. The calories are in the bottom of my priority list. I am still attempting to stay within a range but that I no longer feel anxiety if I’m seeing from the MyFitnessPal app that I am over my calories for the day. It’s no more the focus.

If nothing else, carrying out the keto diet has shifted my mindset right into a different realm. I’theres no more focusing on carbs –which is a massive shift for me believing calories were what I concentrated on for the past 15 years.

Quick Progress Update
I was definitely getting into a unhealthy behaviours and unhealthy mental loops. I had been becoming VERY restrictive with my calories. I was already pretty low–1400 calories a day–and that was with working out. I had been seeing food as the enemy. I was looking at foods as a drawback equation: How can I cut calories? Why wasn’t I losing any weight since I cut more and more?

I feel less worry and nervousness about all of that, to ensure ’s a relief. Occasionally if I go over the net carbohydrates for the day I feel disappointed in myself however I don’t beat myself up about it. It’s just 1 day and IĀ generally overlook ’t move that far over my objective.

I will do another weigh-in post and update in about two weeks.

It wasn’t a wholesome place to be. Plus it sucked back in the day when I was hoping to shed 100 lbs, I was not in that fanatical, negative, eating-disorder mindset.

Ideas on Weight Loss

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