July 14th, 2019 Made It Easy


July 14th, 2019 Made It Easy

Yesterday was a 4-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained refined sugar-free, I exceeded my daily water goal (5th day in a row–soon a new daily goal is in order), and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Yesterday was a big day. Plans with Noah and a trip with mom to Stillwater for a family get-together was on the schedule. We made it all work well.

The afternoon stage production of Beauty and The Beast was very well done and professional, but for whatever reason–it just wasn’t clicking with my six-year-old grandson. We tried! This was the full Broadway version, so it was longer and the themes were well ahead of his understanding. So, I get it! He wanted to leave early, so we did. What Noah really wanted to do yesterday was watch Toy Story 4; he even brought along his new favorite toy, Forky.

Mom was ready to go when we arrived shortly before 5pm. The family gathering at the big Chinese super-buffet was a good one. A lot of family members showed up, some we rarely get a chance to see, so the visiting was great. As far as the food, for me, I was already prepared with a plan. Normally, I can navigate whatever place the group settles on–it isn’t an issue or even mentioned. When the “star of the show” is no longer the food, and instead it’s centered on the people and conversations around the table, it changes things in a wonderful way. Anyway, I know my food plan boundaries and I don’t mind asking for what I need. But this place was too much with too little options for me. I made it easy–opted to focus on visiting with family members with an eye for my meal a little later.

It wasn’t necessarily a challenge–but one thing that was interesting was preparing Noah’s plate and since mom was in a wheelchair, preparing hers. It required a few trips to the buffet line. If anything, it served as a reminder of how things used to be for me when food was all that really mattered. I know how all of that stuff tastes–I also know how being “in the food” completely robbed me of so many wonderful life experiences over the years. Feelings of deprivation or wanting have a very difficult time occurring when you’re clear on the honest terms of the transaction. 

The after dinner plan was truly adventurous. Well, kinda. Noah and I took mom to her sister’s place, got her settled in–I enjoyed my meal (see Instagram post below), then Noah, Forky, and I were off to do what Noah has wanted to do for the last two weeks: Toy Story 4!! What made it adventurous was the time–it was the 9pm showing. With all new comfy, leather, “climate controlled,” power-recliner seating in the movie theater, I was just hoping the two of us could stay awake! Surprisingly, we did! Noah took his Forky into the theater and placed him in the cup holder facing the movie screen. The three of us loved the movie.

It was shortly after 12:30am when we rolled mom back into her room. The nursing staff was ready with her night medicine and was asking her all about the outing. Mom clearly had a great Saturday outing. I took Noah home, too–a little after 1am. He stayed awake right up until about ten minutes before we pulled into his driveway. It might have been the Skittles during the movie fueling his energy. I walked back into my place at 1:40am–just wiped out! But happy and so glad it was a great day.

I’m taking it slow and easy today. I slept in fairly well. I do have some things to work on–and I’m planning a good workout at the RecPlex later. My morning routine was completed first thing and I’ve already enjoyed a good on-plan breakfast (see Instagram post below). I’m making today a really good one.

We love acting silly together!


Loaded and ready for a great evening!


Thank you for reading and your continued support,
Practice, peace, and calm,

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