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Sugar-Free Isn’t Always the Best Option!

If you discover a recipe in my site that calls for something I apologize. I’d no idea I had been intolerant to this things!

Sugar substitutes like Stevia, Soribitol, along with Xylitol are laxatives and that I didn’t have any idea about this I began to research more about these ingredients and before the dreadful weekend I had eating these bears.  1 evening, I ate 2 bags of these, can you think that? Look up the negative effects of those sugar substitutes and if you’re in for a laugh go to amazon and search up sugar free gummy bears. There are more than 6,000 hilarious testimonials on these yummy bears.

We are now entering the dead of Winter at which it is under 0 out for a couple long weeks. I do not think in Ground Hogs and I think that Spring comes each March on 21st. It s the only time of year in which I count down the days because of cold and crappy it is outside. One thing I do enjoy about Winter is seeing all the sun dogs which come out through the day. This ’ s when you know in the event that you see one that it ’ s cold outside. It resembles a miniature rainbow from the heavens and is typically seen by the Sun.

Random thoughts of a Food Blogger…

For a time, because I thought this is what makes goods low in points on WW I have been attempting to try coconut with those ingredients. Regular sugar is so high in points on WW. I tried baking with Stevia, a product called xylitol, and some others like  Sukrin Gold. I m just going to stick with sugar and powdered sugar now on but consume it sparingly. If I want something like a candy treat(I’ve a sweet tooth) or cake, I’ll take the actual thing without a replacements and save up my calories or points for it. If you’re like me with a digestive system that can’t withstand sugar substitutes then I’m feeling for you and that I also envy the ones who do not have any gut issues when it comes to products with sugar free replacements inside them!

Truly effing cold outside!

Often times as a blogger, I am left with thoughts in my mind why I care, and I wonder. The Internet is filled with ideas on the market. Quite a long time ago, it used to be if you watched a recipe thought someplace that you say their name or provide credit. If this is the case anymore I’m not really positive.

A trend online is that is currently occurring at the moment in the WW community  and I’ve got a love/hate relationship with it. Are you familiar with all the Smart Sweet Gummies and ImBuilt Bars that everyone loves? I like everybody else was interested about both of these products and raved about them on my Instagram account once I got them. I loved the fact that these bears and candy bars tasted the fact after ingesting them how I felt. This didn’t happen to me until after the 4th day in a row of eating these gummy bears that my stomach was in knots and I was gassy. I had been believing there was something I was eating that made me feel this way along with the bears were some thing that I had begun so I chose to stop eating them, eating. The very next day afterwards, I started to feel immediate relief and there was once I realized that my tummy doesn’t like sugar substitues! My gut is also sensitive to things too like gluten and dairy products . As indicated in their luggage There’s no gluten or some other dairy products in the bears.
It’s hard not to think thoughts such as this although I’m trying not to let this bother me much.

You might think that the food blogger is an effortless job. Produce a recipe, take the photos, create a video to the recipe, and post everything to your sites that are social. …. Pretty simple right?

The Internet  is monkey see, monkey do now. If you see a person creating parmesan garlic knots you make parmesan garlic knots, or air fryer chicken parmesan, or chicken cordon blue, etc… Can that person see my garlic parmesan knots recipe and get motivated by mine somehow? Because they never say where they were inspired you won’t ever understand.

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