January 2019- slow but steady loss, early time restricted eating for the win!


A. Quick check into show I am putting actions to my plans and that I’m addressing the main cause of my recover. 

I’m really not a carnivore, however by eating meat from the bone, so I get the very best and many NORMAL happy feelings, fewest uncontrollable urges, perfect skin tone and less acne. Combine this with all feelings of wellness, youth (I’m almost 53) and lowest joint pain. Chicken thighs, drumsticks, bone in ribeye and beef ribs (when I can locate them on sale), baby back ribs. In addition, I consist of ground beef and thinly sliced steak, and of course eggs.

I consume a few vegetables. I also include spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions, and garlic. Occasionally sauerkraut. Black coffee, yes! Olive oil, rendered lard, tallow, schmaltz are the cooking oils.  Occasionally olive oil and 85% oil, also.

Collagen for your triumph?! Regular weight also, constantly for my own win. I am not sure what the relationship is with early time limited eating, but I am now convinced that I will have to eat premature to stay a normal weight. Early Time restricted eating (6am-12noon- or 2pm at the latest) (moderate Keto)
2. Tracking my food consumption, eating slightly less
3. Meat from the bone, chicken, steak, pork short ribs (NSNG, Paleo, Low Carb)
4. Sipping broth occasionally (great salt vehicle)
5. Consuming enough salt to help keep my blood pressure high enough. I salt to taste, and I need a lot of salt to feel good. Food tastes excellent, too.
6. Sleeping longer by meditating in the start of sleep.
7. Spending lots of family time .

What did not work in the past

1. Eating 6am-10pm, every 2 hours
2. Didn’t monitor, over ate since I ate my binge meals
3. I ate soy, nut milk,  fake meat chemical goods and boy didn’t have sore joints and a face filled with debilitating migraines, however super low WW things – LOL. Terrible thought.
4. I ate the DASH diet, felt dreadful and meals tasted AWFUL, just NOOOOO.
5. Ugh. Most people are not salt sensitive.
6. Watched reality TV and ate Skinny cow ice cream laced using WW 1 pt of all M&M’s. Ugh!
7. Didn’t need to have family photographs taken for my weight.

CATS- moved to the vet and needed a fantastic check up. Due to my school girl for the vet help.

Totitude 2019

Epic winter beach combing

Sea glass

and winter sunsets

Carlsbad, CA January 2019

Phoenix Airport, Smashburger for the traveling WIN


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