It's crazy to think…


(Me in 2003 with infant Juli)

That when I (along with my husband) was going in to get my gastric bypass surgery, my kids were only little things or not born yet. 

My daughter that is allowing me to share  (we’ve got two doing this) — she had been born in 2002 and that I had operation in 2004.  She was just a toddler, in reality, I weaned her the day that I went for surgery.  She went on vacation together with the inlaws and allowed me to unwind post op instead of stressing about picking up, setting down.  Her whole childhood has been living with me and daddy with our respective altered courage.

At first, I thought that shaking things up would prevent the bronchial tornado we had going on with so much familial obesity, but I think our surgeries made a microscope of eating problems and just made it tougher for your children. 

Like the children say:  we always have healthy food available, however we made a big deal about crap from the early years and I think that Really Caused A issue with snacking, etc..  We did not really mean to be the food police, but it happened.  I try not to NOW, but with another toddler who would consume nothing but Cheeto dust when permitted — we need to be a bit careful, but not.  Does that make some sense?!

(Juli at September 2018, pre-program)

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