I’m at one of my higher maintenance weights and okay with it! March 2018- short check in


Super brief post. I will be back with my yearly total length  pictures and a full set of graphs after I will receive my photographer to drive over and the rain stops.LOL As half of what you watch on IG  from dishonest authors is photoshopped. I enjoy monthly photographs to show my progress.

I weighed in at 118.2, greatest selection is 113-116.

What’s working:
1.Daily weighing, regardless of what, maintaining my weight in acceptable weight care. I am 2.2 + lbs away from my very best range. I’ll take that. I feel good.

The upside of everyday scale weighing is that I don’t BS myself and regain enormous amounts of weight in weight care, relapse with food sobriety.

The down side of daily weighing is visiting the scale go up.
I am food sober, but completely fine with the high weights. Just coming off a second, quite mild cold.

I am consistently 1-2 pounds higher during cold virus’. Aint’ no huge deal. I record my weight and go about my day, week, half a month. I’ll return to my cruising pounds in a week or two.

I’ll always take good enough weight maintenance over Greatest weight care any day. I get exactly what I get, I do not throw a match.

2. Keeping steady with sugar, ketones, and hemoglobin and hematocrit (H&H) within my very best ranges. 

My sugar extends this low a while when I fast. I believe I am in a 19 hour.

I’ve been donating a lot because a paid donor so I am pleased to see standard for me H&H.  I will get deferred as a donor to get 6-8 months shortly. It’s wonderful to get compensated, and yes, I pay taxes from my pay check. Ugh, anything….

Ketones mine operate 0.5 to 1.5 typically. Added blueberries and much more protein back into my rotation, with wonderful results. I Keto because I quickly, however, LCHF for weight loss maintenance. Best of both worlds, if you ask me. 

Beef brisket, salad bar, coffee at Lazy Acres at Encintias, CA (like Whole Foods)
4. Sigh….
I was driving around thinking about the following: 
I read about someone”listening to their body and feeding it wanted” and that I laughed. Ooooooh this is indeed not appropriate for me personally. Neither is”Having a connection with meals” BS 100 percent to me. 
Robb Wolf is right, there’s something deeper happening when speaking about a”connection” with an object- in this case food. Some issue that is previous.   Though my java could push me over into relationship status  I will see altering your food template, altering your borders around meals, switching from things relying to Paleo to LCHF, to Keto, and again,  but food wasn’t and is not something I want to”have a connection with”. 
Food to me is merely to optimize my genetics and environment. I really don’t get to select, my entire body will give me feedbackI optimize with the food template of those 6 weeks to 1 year old. I have to use mood, my body weight, biomarkers pain levels to plan and choose. 
 6 years food sober and during high strain, I want to sit down with a bag of jelly beans, progress to skinny cow ice cream, then eliminate the points counter to get exactly 1 phase of M&M’s embedded in the face of this icecream. Repeat.  Fasting from 6am. Not eating at night is a win-win because of me personally. Fits into my 18:6 fasts just nice

What did not work in the past
1. Not weighing in frequently enough. Not plotting my weight on a graph
2. Not quantifying my glucose to notice that I was pre-diabetic right before I lost weight
3. Not minding my meals template to get my fine and finest weights
4. Eating tons of other meals , grains, and sugar, attempting to have food high to deal with anxiety.
Off to walk before it rains.

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