Garlic Spinach Cauliflower Rice

Enjoy fragrant cauliflower rice flavored with minced garlic and sautéed baby spinach in this low-carb dish.

For rice lovers like me, being able to replace rice on the Paleo diet is extremely important. Enter cauliflower rice, the ideal veggie-based, low-carb alternative.

While plain cauliflower rice is a great substitute, I sometimes find it a touch boring. In today’s recipe, we’re jazzing up plain cauliflower rice with some garlic and spinach for extra color and fiber.

Super simple to make, extremely tasty, and a solid side dish to any protein, this garlic spinach cauliflower rice is a deliciously Paleo recipe you’ll want to keep handy.

Tip: If you don’t like heat, simply leave out the chili powder or replace it with ground cumin for some extra flavor.

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