Fit Living Pays Unexpected Dividends – Long Term Success After Weight Loss Surgery

So here I am, 70 years young and as I say most every day, I am living my best life.  Besides some of the obvious benefits of having shed 250 lbs. and adopting a lifestyle that includes regular fitness, I discovered a new one this weekend.

Fit Living Pays Dividends There I was having said goodbye to the wonderful attendees of the WLS Success Matters Spring Into YOU Weekend in Denver, Colorado.  It was a busy weekend and I managed a swim each and every morning to keep my body happy and my mind sharp.  Off to the airport I went with my business partner to catch our flights home.  Mine was to LAX at 7:55PM, hers was to Seattle at 3:30PM.  It was about 1PM when we reached the airport, so I had 7 hours to just hang out.  I had a large bag to check and found I couldn’t check it in this early, so what now? 

Fit Living Pays Dividends There was nothing on the public side of security, so should I just walk back and forth biding my time until I could check my bag, go through security, and do some airport window shopping while I waited?  Then the customer service rep at the American Airlines Desk begin thinking outside of the box and offered me standby on the 2:45 flight to LAX.  When I found out that if I didn’t make it onto the earlier flight – my luggage would be kept locked up at the baggage claim area in LA, so I gave her the go-ahead.  Then she checked further and found that I was #1 on the standby list so I had 95+ % chance of making it on the earlier flight.  I was excited and knew this meant I needed to get to my gate asap to check in for standby, so it wasn’t given to anyone else.

Fit Living Pays Dividends The saga continues.  After checking my bag we proceeded to the closest security line with the foreknowledge that we were TSA pre-check so it should be a quick one.  NOT…  The security line was closed, so it was the long walk across the terminal to the security line on the other end.  We hurried up and then we waited.  Thirty minutes later we were through the security line and on our way to the train to get to our gates.  My gate was A50 so I was first off the train and looked wayyyyy down the terminal to where Gate 50 was…  Another long trek.  Time was getting tight.  I wanted to make that plane and be home 6 hours earlier than planned.  I was hot, thirsty, hungry, tired, and took a deep breath and started power walking through the terminal making it to my gate with a 15 minute cushion.  I stood in line and checked in as a standby with the woman at the counter.  Ten minutes later I was called back up, assigned a seat and the 20 people behind me who were also waiting on standby were sadly disappointed.

What would I have done prior to Weight Loss Surgery?  Not only would I not have been able to walk across the terminal from the closed security area to the open area I would NEVER have been able to power walk from the train to the gate.  I probably would have had to call for a wheelchair or cart to get me where I needed to go.  Instead, head held high I was able to do it, and get home 6 hours early. 

Fit Living Pays Dividends By the way, I typically spring for a bottle of very expensive airport water to keep me hydrated on my flight.  There was no time to purchase one with my revised schedule, and I was very Thirsty…  As I boarded I asked the flight attendant in first class if she would be so kind as to get me a cup of water when she was done with her first class passengers.  Within 5 minutes a cup of water was delivered to my seat.

What a great afternoon it turned out to be.  Why?  Because I not only advocated for my needs but used the speed and endurance I had built up to be able to power walk my way to an early seat home.

Life truly can be great!  Never stop looking for and celebrating those Non-Scale Victories.

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