February 11th, 2020 Work With What Is

February 11th, 2020 Work With What Is

Since our last edition, I’ve maintained the integrity of my food plan boundaries, I’ve remained refined sugar-free, I’ve met or exceeded my daily water goal, I did some really good bodyweight strength exercises, and I’ve stayed well connected with exceptional support.

My visit with mom last evening was marked with some improvement. She wasn’t panicked or fearful, yet still confused but calm. That’s an improvement. The one thing I’m embracing is how I must release my expectations and just work with what is at whatever moment we’re given. I just got off the phone with her nurse and she informed me that during one of her checks in the night, mom had taken off her cpap mask again. Mom doesn’t realize the danger in this. Not only is the positive pressure helping her exhale the co2, it’s also the source of her oxygen. If it’s not on, things can get really bad, really fast. I’m grateful for the nursing staff increasing their visual checks on her throughout the night.

I’m feeling fairly okay this morning. I woke up too early and couldn’t fall back to sleep–so later today might become somewhat challenging, but I’ll navigate it carefully. For now, I feel ready for a good Tuesday.

My morning foundational routine is complete, my food is planned for today, and I have a good list of support friends who’ll be hearing from me today.

I’m so grateful for all of the comments, messages, and words of prayer and support from so many who read these updates. Thank you, sincerely. It truly is an immense blessing.

One day at a time, right? 🙂

One more thing… I ran into a gentleman yesterday at one of my work appointments. He’s transforming in wonderful ways, already to the tune of over 70 pounds. What a delightful and inspiring conversation we shared about everything this stuff involves. He made a point to show me his “I’m Choosing Change” bracelet–we both had ours on, and connecting like that led the conversation. He inspired me with his spiritual practice and how that has worked and continues to work well for him. It was one of those unexpected blessings that just seem to come out of nowhere. I feel like the spiritual piece of my daily practice is stronger and poised to strengthen after that inspiring encounter. I’m grateful.



Do you own an “I’m Choosing Change” wristband? I wear mine daily as a constant reminder of why my daily practice of things is important. For me, it’s simply a daily reminder to be open, willing, mindful, to pause, and to be intentional. If I’m not those things, I get stuck at the line of least resistance and back there is where the old patterns and behaviors thrive. Your order includes priority shipping so you’ll get it quickly! Here’s the link to order yours right now: https://imchoosingchange.com/product/wristband/

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