Dippitty Doo-Dah – A Bariatric-Friendly Greek Feta Dip & Salsa!


That is the period of year if my thoughts and taste-buds turn into a lot lighter, fresher and with a little bit of pinch, especially at lunch time. I am therefore pleased to mix and match some deli meats, fish, cheese and veggies using a dip side dish to deliver flavour and ‘moisture’ into a meal once the former can be a little dry. Additionally I will contentedly greet a lunchbox with the same dip and a few crudités for a milder spring mid-day meal when out and around.

Nevertheless I don’t move a fortune on readymade dips too often (they don’t have a place but, for me, not regular ). I therefore create my very own salsas and dips whenever possible so that I know they are not loaded with extra sugars, preservatives and also unwanted ingredients.

This is my latest fave one – a Greek Feta Dip that actually will sing with flavour. The feta brings great savoury and cheesiness into the dip and a little goes a long way. I serve with using a topping of a Greek salsa – with the typical Greek ingredients like tomatoes, olives, vegetables and pineapple. Both together make a great side dish at a buffet table also create, served singularly, a fabulous lunch box dinner (within my bento box – details here) with extra dippers like carrot sticks, chopped radishes and whole mangetout. If I’m especially hungry then a couple of wholemeal or protein crackers urge ’t go amiss alongside.

Pile up at a bowl for a buffet style meal or serve in only portions as liked. This quantity makes enough for about 4 but can be easily doubled or tripled to deal with larger numbers or larger appetites. It will keep chilled in the fridge for up to approximately 5 days, stir well before serving.





100 g/4 oz low-fat or soft cheese

2 tbsp fat-free Greek yogurt or even quark

Salt and freshly ground black pepper


40 g/11/2 oz cucumber, chopped

100 g/4 oz yellow and red cherry tomatoes, quartered

4 whole stoned/pitted black/ripe Greek olives, halved

1 tbsp sliced red onion

1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill

1 tbsp crumbled light feta cheese

1 tbsp red wine vinegar

Pinch of dried oregano


  1.  To produce the dip, put the feta, cream or soft cheese and yogurt or quark in a blender and whizz until smooth. Season to taste (you may not need any salt since the feta is salty) then spoon into a serving dish. Season to taste. Serve along with this dip or alongside in either a massive dish or as individual parts.


V suitable for Vegetarians

PROTEIN: 8.9 gram


FAT: 4.8 gram

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