Delicious Cabbage Roll Soup

My son LOVES this!

48 ounce Beef Broth
1 Pound 93% lean Earth Turkey
Four 8oz cans Tomato sauce or 2 15oz cans
two TBSP Lemon Juice
1 Head of Cabbage (about 8 cups) chopped
2 litres of sliced carrots
1/4 Cup of Cooked Long Grain Rice
1/4 Cup of Diced Onion
two TSP Garlic Powder
1 TSP Italian Seasoning
1/2 TSP Salt
Pepper to taste
Cook Ground Turkey Until browned (fully cooked)
Add Italian Seasoning and Garlic Powder
Add onion and cook till translucent
Now add all the other ingredients over except for your Lemon Juice
Bring Pot to a rolling boil then turn down it in between Simmer and Medium
Let Soup Simmer for 30 to 45 minutes NOTE: You will know that the soup is completed if you’re able to stick a fork readily though the carrots
Add ONE cup of water along with 2 TBSP of Lemon Juice!

This recipe creates 15 (1 Cup Servings)


***If you exit the rice, this is an Fantastic Low-carb coup
***Should you swap the meat for 99% Fat Free the soup has been not any points

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