Changing Up Exercise As The Days Get Longer and Warmer for Continued Success After Weight Loss Surgery

I seem to get more energy and can find a whole lot more done.  What I see is that rather than my energy dropping to a low between 3 and 4 PM as sunlight previously started to get lower in the sky, I am ready to continue until 7 then begin my supper.  That’s it’so important to either have a quick meal planned, or at least have the preparation work done for me.

Continued Success After Weight Loss What do I do with the excess sun?  Do I put off my workout before the day?  Nope, when I did that I’d never get to sleep as my exercise energizes me keeps me revved up for several hours.  What I can do is add something else to the mix.  Perchance a bike ride through the park, or even down to the sanctuary.  Maybe a brief walk on the beach, or just around the block.

Continued Success After Weight Loss I also attempt to get outside on hot, bright days and warm up the sunshine for a couple of, while it is with a cup of tea into my front lawn once I get home from the gym, or my lunch along with a fantastic novel for 30 minutes .  I hurt less, I am more flexible and just generally feel great when I’m exposed to sunlight daily. 

Continued Success After Weight Loss Weekends are my favourite though because there are so many great hiking and biking paths around that range from flat and simple, to big elevation changes, and long and hard.  I am able to work up slowly to whatever degree I would like to be, or simply choose to stroll the streets of downtown Ventura window shopping and people watching.

Thus, grab your bottle of plain water, and perchance a protein barand come join me out as I observe Spring.  What’s your favourite Springtime action? 

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