Carry On

February 24th, 2019 Carry On

Yesterday was a 4-star afternoon: I maintained that the integrity of my calorie budget, I remained elegant sugar-free, I surpassed my everyday water target by double, and I stayed well connected with exceptional support.

I texted my intention to support friends, I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post–I was getting my 3rd work out of the week in yesterday. Each one of the accountability and service was in place–and still, I did not get it done. I nearly made the trip down to the 24hour gym at midnight just to satisfy the nagging in my head. But I stopped with this craziness. I decided to give myself a small grace and be fine. I have a brand fresh week in front of me today and a fresh chance to do things otherwise. This week A lot of stuff worked well. Some did not. I’ll carry forward the “nicely” parts and make adjustments for the difficult pieces. That’s how we do it , by golly! No real shame, no super-negative head chatter!! We must shut down that stuff or we’ll stuff it down along with food, correct? I am okay. You are okay. We’re fine. Let’s carry on!

Mom and I had a good visit yesterday. I picked her up to the trip to and from Stillwater. I requested her to accompany me but she is very shy, so she chose to take that time to get a trip while I attended the banquet.

What an wonderful weekend so far. The standup series Friday night accompanied by the speaking engagement last night has kept me moving. I was asked to be the featured speaker in the annual Large Brothers/Big Sisters of Oklahoma fundraising event. It was truly an honour to be with individuals that are doing amazing things for children in the exact identical room and to be asked. Being in that area last night was special to me. It brought back a flood of memories from the experience as a”Little” from the program. It had been hard, emotionally, to get in my personal delivery, but aside from a few emotional cracks through the address, it went really well. I was ready in case the offerings weren’t within my meals plan bounds. Ask a few questions about the meal and there was plenty of time prior to the dinner for me personally to find the runner. It took to find the answers I wanted. No refined sugar on my plate! Several matters weren’t on my strategy –but this meal signifies exactly what was. It was a meal that is fantastic. I don’t eat before a speaking event, however, I felt at ease last night–it made sense to eat supper.

My morning routine was finished before, my food program is set for now, and I am prepared for a great Sunday. I hope you have a great one now, too!

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