Bank Holiday ONLY Special Offer ***HALF-PRICE*** ‘Return to Slender’ Book Pdfs



I know many of you are waiting for our on-line shop to re-open after the pause during the Covid-19 crisis and we hope to restart it again soon (just as soon as we feel it is safe and are advised to do so).


I also know many more are also waiting for their op dates, revised surgery appointments after cancellations, delays and re-evaluations and I hope and pray that they come soon.

In the meantime I urge everyone to keep focused on the end game, and to read as much as possible, and prepare themselves for post-op life so that they can make their surgery a huge success!

Remember ‘The Comeback Is Always Stronger Than The Set-Back!”

With this in mind I remind you to check out the archive on the website for pre-surgery, early-surgery, mid-surgery and post-surgery advice – you can never know enough or be reminded about what is in store or what you should ideally be following no matter what stage you’re at. And, if you’re struggling, then there are umpteen features on topics relating to coping mechanisms that can help; battling through that pre-op regimen; the well-documented plateaus; and kicking any regain into touch.

For my part, I can only continue to support you with recipes, features and on-line rather than face-to-face advice but be assured I am here and thinking of you all.

To help and for this weekend ONLY I am offering the pdfs of my original 2 cookery books (The Return to Slender ones) with their advice and recipes at HALF PRICEThese books are no longer available as soft backs or hard copies and so this is the only way to access them (other than as a Kindle Version) and I truly believe they might bridge the gap until your time comes around again. They both offer good advice and some recipes for all stages post-op – click on the links below for more details of the books and to order so that they come immediately into your inbox.

I have never been able to offer or discount my shop items – they have always been priced at the lowest we can go, so this is something we hope will be well-received and accepted in the spirit in which it has been conceived – as a helping hand during these troubling times.


For ‘Return to Slender’ Book 1 pdf (click here)

For ‘Return 2 Slender 2nd Helpings’ Book 2 pdf (click here)



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