Autoimmune Protocol Lecture Series FAQs

As I gear up to teach the next session of the AIP Lecture Series, you’ve asked me a ton of excellent questions about the course!  I decided to collate these questions and my answers here so you can decide if this is the right resource for you.

Is the AIP Lecture Series really for me?

I put a tremendous amount of effort into gearing this course for all levels, including if you:

  • are completely new to the idea of diet and lifestyle changes to heal from chronic illness,
  • have dabbled in Paleo or AIP but had trouble sticking to it in the past,
  • are an Autoimmune Protocol veteran who already has seen great results,
  • are the caregiver, supporting family or friends with autoimmune disease,
  • are a practitioner looking to begin your advanced learning of the Autoimmune Protocol. (Note: if you want to become an AIP Certified Coach, that is a different program and you can get more information here.)

You can benefit from the information presented in this course whether you’re in the early phases of diagnosis, are looking to reduce disease risk due to a strong family history, or have battled autoimmune disease or other chronic illness for years.

I want to take this course but start on a later date… is that possible?

Absolutely! The first module will still unlock on the session start date with subsequent modules unlocking each week afterward. However, once unlocked, you have lifetime access to the entire course and all of the course materials including all of the resources shared in the private Facebook group, so you can start whenever you’re ready and proceed through the content at your own pace!

Another option is to wait for the next session in March 2020. (Note:  Due to my extremely busy schedule, I only teach up to two sessions per year.)

How much interaction do I get with Dr. Sarah?

Lots!  I give all the lectures and am there to support you and give you guidance throughout the 6 weeks. You will be able to interact with me and ask me your individual questions in the private Facebook group for this course.

I answer every single question in the private Facebook group to provide you with individualized support and guidance throughout the session.

I guide discussions relevant to that week’s lecture topics in the private Facebook group twice weekly (posted Mondays and Thursdays, and we typically continue to discuss over a few days).  I also share a video FAQ based on the most common questions and discussion points from that week (posted on Saturdays, with sometimes a bonus FAQ video mid-week).

How is the course is structured?

You access the online course by logging in to this website (click on “My Account” in the top right of the header menu). Each week/module of the course features 7 related topics.  Each topic contains 1 video lecture that streams on-demand (videos vary in length but each week contains 2 to 3 hours of total video).  Each video is accompanied by recommended reading as well as relevant printables, action steps, and a self-discovery exercise.

Proceed through each week at your own pace and on your own schedule!  You must go through the topics in order and watch each video lecture in order to mark that topic as completed. Reading, action steps and self-discovery exercises are all optional but highly recommended.

As mentioned, I lead twice weekly discussions led in a private Facebook group to accompany each week’s lectures as well as post at least one weekly once-weekly Facebook video FAQ. The private Facebook group is also where you can ask questions and connect with other students.

A  the end of each week/module, there is a 10-question interactive quiz so that you can test your understanding of that week’s content.

Do I have to join the private Facebook group?

The private Facebook group is an awesome feature of this course.  It serves two purposes:

  1. The discussions and interaction gently encourage you to keep up with the course.  The AIP Lecture Series has a fantastically high completion rate compared to other online courses, and this is probably why!  The discussions are also great for connecting with other students, reinforcing concepts and solving your individual challenges for implementation. They’re just so helpful!
  2. The group is where I answer every question asked by every student during the session. It’s also really helpful for other students to see my answer to your question (they might have been wondering the same thing!) and helps generate great follow-up discussion.  I use these questions to decide what to cover in the weekly FAQ videos too.

That being said, joining the private Facebook group is completely optional.

I live in [country name].  Can I still take the course?

Yes!  I’ve carefully planned every aspect of this course to be accessible no matter what time zone you’re in or what your schedule looks like!  You can stream the video lectures on-demand, and contribute to the Facebook guided discussion, ask your questions, or watch the FAQ video at your leisure.

What topics will be covered each week?

Great question!  Here’s the course outline!

  • Week 1: Introduction to the Autoimmune Protocol
    • Welcome to The AIP Lecture Series
    • History of Dietary Recommendations and the Rise in Chronic Illness
    • What is Autoimmune Disease?
    • Primer On The Immune System
    • Primer on Gut Health
    • The Causes of Autoimmune Disease
    • What to Expect from the AIP
  • Week 2: The Science behind What to Eat
    • Nutrient Density and Immune Function
    • The Importance of Vegetables
    • The Importance of Seafood
    • The Importance of Offal and Broth
    • Foods for Gut Health
    • Plants vs Animals: Macronutrients are Overrated
    • Variety, Quality, and Budget
  • Week 3: The Science behind AIP Eliminations, Part 1
    • Introduction to AIP Eliminations
    • AIP Eliminations: Prolamins
    • AIP Eliminations: Agglutinins
    • AIP Eliminations: Saponins and Glycoalkaloids
    • AIP Eliminations: Digestive Enzyme Inhibitors and Phytates
    • AIP Eliminations: Alcohol and Eggs
    • AIP Eliminations: Refined and Manufactured Foods
  • Week 4: The Science behind AIP Eliminations, Part 2
    • AIP Eliminations: Sugar and Insulin
    • AIP Eliminations: Sweeteners and Estrogen Mimics
    • AIP Eliminations: Leptin and Ghrelin
    • AIP Eliminations: Bad Fats
    • AIP Eliminations: Other Immunogenic Foods
    • Summary of AIP Eliminations
    • Living with Eliminations
  • Week 5: The Science behind AIP Lifestyle
    • Introduction to AIP Lifestyle
    • Sleep and the Immune System
    • Stress and the Immune System
    • Activity and the Immune System
    • Connection and the Immune System
    • Nature and the Immune System
    • Lifestyle versus Diet: What’s More Important?
  • Week 6: Implementing and Troubleshooting
    • The Autoimmune Protocol Do’s and Don’ts
    • Repairing the Gut
    • Avoiding Environmental Toxins
    • Troubleshooting
    • Healthy Habits, Transition, and Balance
    • Reintroductions
    • Wellness for Life

Can I get a great deal or a bonus?

Yes!  Use the coupon code AIPLSbonus19 when you register for the course, and you’ll get instant access to my new Therapeutic Paleo Approach online course, valued at $179!

The Therapeutic Paleo Approach online course features 5 hours of video lecture that covers nutrient requirements of biological systems, prevalence and sources of nutrient deficiencies, top sources of nutrients commonly deficient, designing a nutrient-sufficient diet, sleep as a linchpin of health, impact of stress on health, activity balance and health, connection and health, links to the top mortality- and morbidity-causing chronic illnesses, and an introduction to the Autoimmune Protocol!

It’s the perfect warm-up to the AIP Lecture Series!

Use the code AIPLSbonus19 to get instant access to the
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Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! Before the course launches, you can request a full refund for any reason.  After the course has launched, you may get a partial refund for any reason.  Refunds are prorated to 80% after the first week unlocks, 60% after the second week, 40% after the third week, and 20% after the fourth week.  No refunds will be provided after the fifth week of the course has unlocked (extenuating circumstances excepted).  Once your refund has been processed, you will lose access to the course and the private Facebook group.  To request a refund, click here.


If you have any other questions about the AIP Lecture Series, I’m happy to answer them.  Feel free to use the form on this page to ask them!

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