Another year as a weight loss surgery patient is ending. A new one is beginning – What will 2019 bring?

I was fortunate to have the ability to place a big check mark next to one of my bucket list things this year.  That was an extraordinary visit to Tahiti to French Polynesia’s islands.  It had been our 50th anniversary gift to ourselves and certainly was a fantasy come true.


What will 2019 bring?I got to see my grandkids develop into mature and responsible young adults this year – their expansion and change was remarkable, and I’m proud of all of these. 

That is my final blog article for 2018 and I like to look back at what I have achieved and look at exactly what I’d like to accomplish in 2019 and put some targets.
I murdered my brother this year which left a hole.  My nephew that was Wonderful though – has stepped to the position of “mind &rdquo and has achieved an unbelievable job.  Is my nephew and I have produced t even exist previously, so I cherish this, and our loved ones is small.

  1. I shall work up to 45 minutes on the elliptical in 30 minutes;
  2. I will continue my strength training twice weekly to keep myself fit and healthy;
  3. I will work my swimming back up to 45 minutes out of 30 minutes;
  4. I shall keep on planning healthy meals while keeping processed carbohydrates out of this house;
  5. I will get my water up to 80 ounce per day consistently before the weather warms up ;
  6. I will begin cleaning out closets and cabinets of unnecessary products.  This will begin with the walk-in upstairs and progress downstairs because every closet/cupboard is completed;
  7. I will smile more and increase my voice less;
  8. I will be thankful for each, and each and every day.

What will 2019 bring?One of my greatest achievements of 2018, would be to be alive, living a life I never imagined possible as the clock struck and I started my 70th year on this Earth.  I’m sharing my dream with others in the hope of inspiring them to opt to live their life and active and healthy.  My job fills a place in my heart and also keeps a smile on my head.


What will 2019 bring?These look like fairly simple and basic goals, they are.  They may be reached by making little steps in their direction each day – and before 2019’s conclusion, I will be able to check each one.  THAT is with.  I am working on a single STRETCH target for the year.  I’ll let you know when I’ve got it figured out.
We snorkeled and swam with sharks, rays, and ocean creatures.  We heard about some of the history of these islands, which comprised the practice of sacrifice, at least until the missionaries arrived.  It is quite a place of beauty and I valued every active minute of it.  This was a dream come true, also just like dreams which were turned into goals, it took planning and activities to our part to make it a reality.
What are the aims for the New Year?
What are my intentions for 2019?  That’therefore a little more difficult.  This is a time of year for me to definitely see & ldquo; rdquo & the finish line; on anything.  The short days leave me dealing with SADS (Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome) and my energy levels aren’t anything near what they are in the summertime when the days are long, and that my own energy seems endless.  Listed below are goals for 2019 and a Couple of of my WLS:

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