Announcing The AIP Lecture Series!

I’m so excited to announce the the next session of The AIP Lecture Series!!! It begins Monday, September 9th, 2019 and there’s still time to get early-bird pricing!

There is quite simply no other resource as thorough for the autoimmune patient than my AIP Lecture Series. In this 6-week intensive online course, I teach you the scientific foundation of the Autoimmune Protocol diet and lifestyle with an additional focus on practical implementation, self-discovery, protocol refinement and troubleshooting.

This is quite simply my most thorough AIP resource, but it’s also my opportunity to provide personalized guidance and support. The 42 video lectures stream on demand, each one paired with recommended reading, action steps, and self-discovery exercises. There’s also dozens of printables, twice weekly guided discussions in a private Facebook group, and I also share weekly (or more!) FAQ videos in the private Facebook group for the course. You also get direct access to me in the private Facebook group, and I make sure to answer every single question asked during the session.

Register before August 19th, to get early-bird pricing and save 20% off tuition!

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About The AIP Lecture Series

The Autoimmune Protocol Lecture Series is a 6-week video-based, self-directed intensive online course that will teach you the scientific foundation for the diet and lifestyle tenets of the Autoimmune Protocol, plus provide tons of tips and strategies for implementation, refinement and troubleshooting! 

The AIP Lecture Series features:

  • 42 on-demand video lectures (totaling 16 hours!), all taught by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD
  • the most up-to-date information on the Autoimmune Protocol
  • dozens of printable guides
  • action steps to help you go from theory to practice
  • daily self-discovery exercises to reinforce and refine implementation
  • an online forum to connect with other students and ask questions
  • guided discussions in the online forum
  • weekly FAQ videos by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD in the online forum
  • recommended reading for every topic
  • interactive quizzes to test your knowledge
  • support and guidance from Dr. Sarah Ballantyne!

The AIP Lecture Series doesn’t shy away from teaching important scientific concepts. I firmly believe that understanding how foods affect our health and the cellular level is an essential motivator for making positive and lasting change, as well as being critical to the self-discovery processes of finding individual tolerance and reintroduction.  But, you don’t need a science background to take this course!  I explain the scientific evidence for each facet of the Autoimmune Protocol in my signature approachable style using accessible language and visual guides.  If you enjoy my books and articles on this website, you’ll love this course!

The lectures are also loaded with practical tips and strategies for implementation, so you can go from theory to practice with this course! You’ll learn what to eat (not just what to avoid) and why, how to balance lifestyle and diet priorities, and I tackle many topics related to day-to-day AIP life like eating out, reintroductions and even where to start when it comes to troubleshooting.

Register before August 19th, to get early-bird pricing and save 20% off tuition!

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Who Can Benefit from The AIP Lecture Series?

This course is geared at all levels, from the person completely new to the idea of diet and lifestyle changes to heal from chronic illness, to someone who has dabbled in Paleo or AIP but had trouble sticking to it in the past, to the Autoimmune Protocol veteran who already has seen great results, to the caregiver supporting family or friends with autoimmune disease, to the practitioner looking to begin their advanced learning of the Autoimmune Protocol.

You can benefit from the information presented in this course whether you’re in the early phases of diagnosis, are looking to reduce disease risk due to a strong family history, or have battled autoimmune disease or other chronic illness for years.


What Previous Students Say


Learn More About the AIP Lecture Series!

Still not sure if the AIP Lecture Series is right for you? Enjoy free access to videos that share more about the Autoimmune Protocol and this course:

Register before August 19th, to get early-bird pricing and save 20% off tuition!

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How The Course is Structured

You access the course by logging in under “My Account” at the top of homepage and selecting “AIP Lecture Series” under “My Courses”.

Every Monday during the 6 weeks of the session, a new module will unlock. Each week/module of the course features 7 related topics.  Each topic contains 1 video lecture (videos vary in length but each week contains 2 to 3 hours of total video), which streams on-demand.  Each video is accompanied by recommended reading as well as relevant printables, action steps, and a self-discovery exercise.

Proceed through each week at your own pace!  You must go through the topics in order and watch each video lecture in order to mark that topic as completed. Reading, action steps and self-discovery exercises are all optional but highly recommended.  You can take this course from anywhere in the world and there are no scheduled webinars that you must attend live.  Once a week unlocks, you retain lifetime access, so don’t worry if you feel like you’re falling behind.

I lead twice weekly guided discussions in a private Facebook group to accompany that week’s lectures, and post at least one video FAQ each week that relates to the questions posed in the Facebook group that week.  I also answer every question asked in the private Facebook group.

At the end of each week/module, there is an interactive quiz so you can test your understanding of that week’s content.

Recommended Reading

Each lecture is accompanied by recommended reading out of Paleo Principles and/or The Paleo Approach.  You will want to have both of these books on hand before the lectures start in order to maximize the value of this course.



Almost every lecture is accompanied by one or more relevant printables.  These are useful guides that will help you access the information quickly, aid in completing self-discovery exercises, and/or provide practical tips to accompany lecture topics.


Action Steps

When relevant, videos are accompanied by suggested action steps to help you implement or refine the Autoimmune Protocol.  You may use Action Steps to guide a gradual transition to the AIP or to provide emphasis for refinement and improvement of your implementation.


Self-Discovery Exercises

Each lecture is accompanied by a self-discovery exercise. This is your suggested homework before moving on to the next lecture in the series. Self-discovery exercises are designed to help reinforce concepts learned in each lecture and aid in implementation and refinement of the Autoimmune Protocol.


Additional Resources

Where appropriate, I’ve highlighted additional resources relevant to a specific topic that you may enjoy.  These are not included in the course, but are premium products or programs created by my colleagues in the Autoimmune Community.


The Ultimate Support for Your AIP Journey.

The next session begins September 9th, 2019.

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(Regular price is $579. Comparable programs sell for $799 or more!)

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