A Question & A Thank You From Carol


I have been sitting on this loser’s bench at Bariatric Cookery for almost 9 years now (and post-op coming up for 10) and have been thrilled to greet all-comers – pre-op, post-op and those supporting them. But I have rarely asked the question …

Have you enjoyed my content so far?

Well occasionally I do ask if there is anything you would like me to cover further, or to ask my WLS professional colleagues and guest posters about, but never a direct is this OK, could I do better or what is missing?


The best direct contact I often have with you is via support groups, forums, social media (like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and, of course, my free newsletter (which goes out about 8 times a year), and I know you are vocal there. So, if there is something amiss or you want more of – complex or trivial, would you be kind enough to say and request please.


I am lucky enough to have a couple of long-standing sponsors for my newsletter and they are thrilled that we reach out to about 20k of you every edition, but I wonder if there could be more that haven’t subscribed, and if so why?


My goal and vision is and always has been to advise you from the patient’s point of view about WLS (being a bit of a patient’s advocate and ‘expert by experience’) but to also to help you have more success and fun (and a better relationship with food) post-op. My personal qualifications are in the food arena.


To best serve you I would strongly suggest that you sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already. And here’s why:

  •  you’ll get some fabulous updates, tips and features from myself and other bariatric professionals in the WLS world – topical, based on hard and fast research, and with no hidden marketing/sales agenda
  •  you can garner great everyday and regular recipes but also special seasonal ones like those for Christmas, Easter, the BBQ season etc. when you might need them most
  •  you will be the first to see any special deals and freebies on offer
  •  you can receive all of this safely – no spam, no selling your information on – I strictly comply with my privacy policy
  •  you can unsubscribe at any time in a single action and you won’t be bombarded with any ‘can we change your mind’ emails
  •  You’ll join thousands of other subscribers that are loving this newsletter and all it provides to the WLS COMMUNITY in terms of support – together we can make a difference in reducing and eliminating stigma towards obesity


Or maybe you haven’t subscribed because you don’t know how?

I can easily solve that by saying go to the home page and fill in the subscribe box or click on the link below. Or, if you wish to know more and want me to subscribe you then send a message to me, carol@bariatriccookery.com and I can answer and also manually add you (with permission). Don’t hold back for this reason.


Subscribe here


You can be sure of a warm welcome …

But I also mentioned a Thank You in the title to this post – and I am not forgetting that!

I very much appreciate and am humbled by the feedback and support you give me so that I can continue with my vision to give something back to the bariatric community – sometimes I am wide-eyed and throat-constricted by your kindness and loyalty when there are so many others coming into the fray who offer similar. I will never take it for granted. I have toyed with the idea of having a VIP area for those who would like to know more, engage more actively etc. Could this be something you would welcome or be interested in? Sorry, that’s another question but do mull it over … I am …


Until then, or when the next newsletter goes out, stay well, on track as much as possible, and enjoy your summer …


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