2018 Year in Review


 A Year in Review 
Here are some of the highlights from 2018 
– TWIN GIRLS, Evelyn Rose & Zoey Faith, born on June 23rd. 
– Moving to Hong Kong. Celebrating 12 years of marriage. 
– God’s provision as we moved to Hong Kong. 
– Opportunity to homeschool with Olivia and Sophie. 
– Fun visits with family and friends before moving to Hong Kong. 
– God’s protect during Super Typhoon Mangkhut.
– Unending love and support from family and friends all year long.
Our Growing Girls

Olivia loves reading and she always has her nose stuck in a book!! I (Jen) could not have made it through this year without Olivia (and Sophie) by my side. Olivia has lovingly helped hold and feed babies, which allowed me to pack or unpack suitcases and boxes. I am so thankful for her sweet spirit and her willingness to help.

Sophie is such a sweet girl!! Honestly, I think she is going to be a nurse or a doctor, because she loves to take care of other people. On modified bedrest, she was willing to rub my legs and bring me dinner when I was too tired to get up to get it myself. I’m humbled by the love and compassion that pours from her heart.

Matilda has been such a trooper with all the changes that have taken place this year. New babies. New country. She is adventurous and loves to ride the double decker buses here in Hong Kong. However, she is timid and shy, so being in a new country with lots of attention has been overwhelming for her at times.

Evelyn and Zoey are already 6 months old!! Evelyn’s a snuggle bug, because after everyone else goes to bed she stays awake for extra cuddles. Zoey wants to be one of the big girls. She is already crawling. Honestly, once Zoey puts her mind to something, there is no changing her mind.


Praise and Prayer Requests

– Praise that Jon has completed his first round of training and officially has his license to fly in Hong Kong with an A320 type!!

– Praise that Jon and Jen celebrated their 12th anniversary.

– Praise for unending love and support from our family and friends as we obediently embarked on this new adventure the Lord put before us.

– Pray for Jen’s Mom, Carol Bartholomew, who is battling breast cancer and has a lumpectomy on January 15, 2019.

– Pray that we would be able to sell our van that is in Texas.

– Pray that God would continue to provide for us financially.

– Pray for Jen as she struggles with postpartum depression and homesickness.

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